Webinar recap: 8 design trends for 2015

by iStock , Feb 6th 2015

iStock by Getty Images’ visual trends expert, Rebecca Swift, recently shared 8 new trends designers need to know in 2015. We recap them right here so you can be sure your work is right now.


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#1 Point of view

Viewpoints are getting more personal, thanks to technology like wearable cameras. Consider angles that give way to a more intimate perspective.

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#2 Letterbox look

Square is out, letterbox is in. Use the tighter crop to draw the focal point to your visual story, bringing a sense of the personal to your image.

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#3 Busy with boxes

Busier images with lots of detail is the new norm. So is using tinted text boxes to get your message across.

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#4 Monochromatic color

Bright whites and strong blacks create a crisp, cool look. Pair it with PANTONE® Color of the Year, Marsala, to make a sophisticated statement.

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#5 Sensory immersion

Design so your audience can smell, taste and feel. Consider macro images for small screens, giving your work a sense of texture and sensuality.

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#6 Super still life

Order, neatness and beautiful product arrangements give still life imagery new life. Use it to showcase the inner-workings of business, beautifully.

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#7 All kinds of people

Celebrate the assortment that is humankind. Select images that honor the real world: gay couples, blended families, people of all shapes and sizes.

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#8 Dynamic women

Move away from the cliché. Today’s images of women celebrate individuality and identity – women with a story to tell.